Why Degree plus IAS?

  • Logic is Simple
  • If you do your Engg or Doctor or Some professional courses.
  • Finally, everyone wants to have a good life, decent salary, and pride in job, satisfaction and service.
  • For completeting the above course, it takes min 4 to 6 Years to complete either Master or with Bachelors.
  • AT the end, you have to prepare for interview and may get good package and decent salary would be less in number and then eyes falls on Government jobs. Preparing at that point of time, may take many years to compete with competition and fall in prey with life. So the best solution would be Degree plus IAS

Why and How?

  1. Any Govt Job in India requires a Degree with 35% from a recognized University by State and Central Govt.
  2. You are in better in preparation because you prepare from the best day itself, when You join in the degree itself. You engaged yourself into competition and land of more opportunities and you can head to head fight.
  3. Tactics and other racial norms you would be clearer with that.
  4. Preparing for the Mother of the exams called Civils – Doesn’t require a Doctor or Engg or Lawyer or Software or Some other Professional courses syllabus don’t match with UPSC CIVILS Syllabus.
  5. SO preparing at the starting age of your life is a tailored cut porgramme and cutting edge of the competition and shows yourself to the world at the moment of you complete your degree itself.

How it is a Cutting Edge ?

  • Right choice in your life time
  • Positive result and ambition or goal of the student is to crack IAS in their first attempt itself it should be planned in a best approach and well planned.
  • Fruit is available when you finishes your degree
  • Many of the other will provide but a dedicated you can’t find in Coastal AP as degree + IAS (Civils) exam orientation from the day start of your course.
  • Its as simple as that “practice Makes a Man Perfect with a double shot”.
  • Try a everyday preparing for Civils IAS and you didn’t make it out. There is way available too even like preparing for Groups of APPSC and SSC, IBPS, Banks PO’s and Clerks, Railway, Postal Dept, and Defence. Etc…

Best Place to Prepare Civils IAS Degree is Vizag – Why?

  • Always go by Logic – you will find answers.
  • Normally at the Intermediate Stage- You Parents would be fear off to Send to Places like Delhi and Cost of Living at those Places is very high.
  • Delhi is a like place where most of Indian (Rest of Delhi believe – If you to Delhi for Civils – You can crack the exam )
  • Point is simple over there – Interview Process of Civils will be conducted in Delhi itself. Before 5 days of Your Interview You may leave to Delhi and give Mock Interviews and Mock Interview are free in every institute in India. So, For being a part of Mock Interview –
  • You have to submit DAF form which wll be given by you to UPSC after Your Prelims Exam – Before the Result was Known to You – they will check your Result – they will publish their result as their own candidate got selected – Of course You Don’t have choice because – You are the only person given u r DAF form to Them
  • We have got campus at a wonderful Place in Vizag RTC Cross Roads. Above ICICI Bank with well diversified Faculty with Propounded Ranks and these officers are well working with GOI as in different Positions.
  • We will boost Morals, Values, Ethos and we recommend the candidates to come and visit the campus personally experience the environment to choose the best the available choice
  • Its not only ethusitaic of the candidate but also the premises and compus which contributes a lot of reach the goals.

What We said – How Many opportunities DO you have ?

  • At its today’s time, Early Step into Education itself would be an added advantage or else, compete with Competition is very tough.
  • But at it Max, The Kids Career will be looked after by the parents. They should have to study their kid thoroughly and what they expect out of their kids.
  • Students Ambitions, Interests, Enthusiasm and then Only the parents should start designing his / her career pathway.
  • If the kids creates a goal – find it out whether it is better or not – Just for free Soaps and other things Don’t make yourself Cumbersome with free soaps, Free B Tech / BE.
  • The goal is clear which paves path without any obstacles
  • There will be no confusion, whether what to and how to approach the goal
  • The mind will be set to design for the descried position
  • When a group of students with the same taget is preparing at the same place there will be a healthy competitive spirit
  • Time will be best utilized with clarity of thought will have the best teaching plan of approach to groom to student mind

What Institutions gives?

  • Institution is well equipped
  • Should be well diverfied faculty to teach
  • We take candidates with vast experience on very subject
  • Competitive spirit among the participants
  • We don’t teach only academic but also sports, yoga, refreshness, and other things which makes you mental and physically strength
  • Not but the least – food with best

What do you have to do?

  • Simple – We full fill your dreams at our academy
  • We provide interactive academic session with Officers
  • We develop OLQ’s (Officer Like Qualities)
  • Discovering and hiring the best available faculties
  • Good Food and Health – we provide
  • We want to make Good Citizens with Perfect Idelogies into Working with Governments
  • Always be fit to serve your country.

Key Feature of the Course:-

  • Student have to prepare their own way of making notes and keep them motivated through their writing only
  • Writing skills need to be improved and with decent hand writing
  • We focus on bad hand writing people and motivate them to write with decent good hand writing
  • Motivational and Personality Development Classes
  • Regular Interactive session with Serving and Rtd Officers
  • Clearing Doubt Session with Subject Experts
  • Conduct Regular Test Offline / online / App
  • You can get feedback of You Kids on the app itself and their attendance
  • Sprit of Competitiveness in Games and Academics
  • Quiz, Essay Writing and Gift would make them to study a lot
  • Felid Visit and Historical Visits
  • Clarity in theories & Concepts to answer any given question more accurately.
  • Multiple modes of delivering the same topic so as to ensure conceptual clarity.
  • Adopt the most advanced technological of audio-videos, pictorial representations so as to build realistic understanding on the subject-matter.
  • Incredible insights to develop best answers.
  • Detailed analysis of previous year questions so as to ensure
    • Right orientation
    • Prioritize the topics
    • Helps you to choose what to read and more importantly what not to read
    • To approach the main exam with right strategy
  • The more personal, small-group teaching (supervisions) is the most distinctive feature of the classroom system.
  • High Success rate.

Visited Dignitaries / Doubt Clear Session / Interactive Lecture Session

  1. BoliSetti Satya – Environmentalist
  2. JD Lakshminarayan IPS – Formed ADGP, Maharashtra
  3. Raghavendra IPS – Trainee IPS
  4. Ravi Teja IRS – Asst Comm IT, Bhubaneswar
  5. Shanmukh IFoS – Asst Conservator of Forests, Kadapa
  6. Srujan IRS – Deputy Commissioner GST, Hyderabad
  7. Ramesh IRS – Excise Commission, Vizag
  8. Niranjana Kumar IRS – Principal Commissioner Customs, Vizag ShipYard
  9. Narendra Kumar IRS – Asst Comm, SEZ, Nellore
  10. Panabaka Rachana – Deputy Collector / RDO – Elluru
  11. Vidya Sagara Naidu IPS – Assault Commander
  12. Bindu Madhav IPS – Assault Commander
  13. Satish IRSE – Addl GM, N. F. Railway, Guwhati. GoI
  14. Dr Vivek ITS – Addl DG, Air Force HQ.
  15. Ramana DSP – Kurnool
  16. Madhu – Deputy Collector / RDO – ATP
  17. GSS Praveen Chand IAS – Trainee Collector, ATP
  18. Satya Prasad IAS – Jt Collector – Sircilla / Telangana


  1. Ganta Srininvas Rao Garu – Ex – Ministry of HRD, Govt of AP
  2. Vishnu Kumar Raju Garu – Ex  – MLA Vizag
  3. Hari Babu Garu – Ex – MP Vizag
  4. K K Raju – Incharge of Vizag , YSRC Party.
  5. Mr Kanna babu – Ministry of Agriculture, GOvt of AP.

Field Visits

  1. Historical Places in and around Vizag
  2. Vizag Ship Yard and their Operation session by Ex DGP Sambasiva Rao Garu
  3. Agricultural Units
  4. Foreign Trade Units in Vizag and Hyd
  5. Asst Register Office of Companies headed by Siva Shankar AROC, ICLS

Batch Strength

  1. Every student is different and Unique
  2. We develop the inquest and their motivation after which studies
  3. Batch Strength is only 25 each People for classroom
  4. 4 Batches only. Inspite of Heavy demand – we made as this much
  5. Output and Quality also matters a lot


  1. Motto is simple Quality Education with best knowledge imparts
  2. We don’t comprise in any matters regarding books, teaching, or else infrastructure.
  3. All faculty is available to parents also on APP

Study Material

  1. 24 Books
  2. 12 Current Affairs Study Material
  3. 572 Hand outs
  4. Running Notes
  5. Additional Hindu, Indian Express, Yojana, Kurkshetra
  6. Public Speaking, Debates, Extempore, easy writing etc.
  7. Tab

Courses Offered

UC IAS Degree  + IAS Subjects Residential Day Scholar
History + Economics + Polity Yes Yes
History + Geography + Economics Yes Yes
History + Pol Science + Anthro Yes Yes


Inter with 55% Marks